Spotted: UH-OH, I told you that Carmen was not the only one I was shedding light on about last evening’s event. So, why is Matt sporting this out of season hospital gown you might ask? Well, let’s see where it all began. Margherita and Matt decided after a long ass talk to kiss and makeup because Preston is officially irrelevant to her once and for all. Matt accepted the apology and the two drank and took some “soft” drugs and shared some intimate moments. That’s when things started to pick up speed. They both popped a molly and had this incredibly stupid idea to jump off the roof of the building and into the pool holding hands. Well, let’s see how that ended…Matt ended up getting an intense concussion and woke up in the I.C.U. wing at the hospital. Yes, police and ambulances were called to the scene of the crime and well. It looks like our seniors and juniors all have these new mug shots, although the police will not be placing any records of the incident because they weren’t the suppliers. They only partook in the events with according to them no prior knowledge. Everyone has been in and out of the hospital all day to visit poor little Matty, but the one who stayed so close to him the entire time is Margherita Armani. I’m sure she feels a little bit guilty and responsible because she only left with a sprained ankle and some minor bruises. These two are really crazy in love. Hang in their loves. Things will eventually look up for you.

You know you love me.

xoxo, Gossip Girl

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